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A Great Mother
As a part of Mother's Day 2008 we wanted to share a little bit about the great mothers we have:

Laura Sharp

Mom, you have been there for me through everything. Even when times weren't so good for you. We have had hard times with each other, but I'm so glad that we have gotten closer. My life wouldn't be the same without you. No other words could describe it but, thank you and I love you. Happy Mother's    (Love, Your daughter Meagon)

Mom...my mother is wonderful, smart and beautiful.There isn't anything in the world that could overrule my love for her. She is like the blanket of my life. She is there when I need her. She keeps me in comfort when I'm sad or I just need someone there. No one, I mean no one, could ever take her away from me and I will love her for all eternity and beyond. I could never ask for a greater or better mom.     (Love you mom, Lily Sharp and Sara Sharp) 

Eunice Chesser

I am blessed to still have my mom living. I am thankful that I have a mother that always cared about my well being, providing as best she could for all the needs of life when I was a child growing up. Above all, I am appreciative of the fact that she took me to church. She helped to instill in me the importance of God, church, and prayer. I am truly blessed to have a Godly mother that has lived for the Lord herself from a young age. Thank you mom and I will always love you.        (Ed Chesser)

Hazel Ayers

Hazel Parkey Ayers was a beautiful red-haired, blue-eyed lady. She loved God. She loved her family. She loved life. She loved to sing and play the piano. Mother had a way with people. She never met a stranger. She mothered her three children excellently. Each of us thought we were her favorite, and in our own way each of us were. Tim was her first born, I was her girl and Jon was her baby. She sewed all my clothes. She worked hard for her family. She taught us values and morals. She expected her children to love God, live good lives, to work hard and to excel. I am thankful and so blessed That Hazel Ayers was my mother. She loved beyond love her two grandchildren, Andria and Aaron. She would have been so proud and would have loved her so much if she could have seen her third grandchild, Chloe, with the long beautiful red hair, like her. Her heart would have overflowed to know she had five beautiful great-grandchildren. She left us too soon, but she lives forever in our hearts and in Heaven where we will see her again some day.        (Deborah Chesser)  

Georgina LaGrone  

I want to tell my mom, Georgina LaGrone, how much I appreciate her love and care she has given me my entire life. She has loved me without condition and always made me feel nurtured and loved. She is a great woman of strength and courage. I appreciate her loving God and raising me in the Truth. I also appreciate her teaching me to have integrity and to never give up. God has seen her through many obstacles and I am proud to be her daughter.                      (Debbie Meyer)